Super Site of the Week

Would you like for your students to be able to access, evaluate, and use current scientific information?  Do you need to find an interesting of-the-moment topic that pertains to your discipline?  Would you like to have real-life connections at your fingertips to help bring your content to life?  If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, you may become a fan of Science Daily.

This truly super site allows you to customize the information that you receive on a daily basis.  Karen likes Strange Science News, Living Well News, and Top Health News.  Anne likes the Strange stuff, too, as well as Mind and Brain.  There are also sections for computers, math, physics, environment, biology and a host of others.  There are tabs for videos, articles, images, books, and more. For anyone who teaches science, math, or technology, this place is a wonderland.


One comment on “Super Site of the Week

  1. Thanks for the resource. Looks fantastic!

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