Making Your Weekend “Awesome”

The pleasureteam is devoting Friday posts to helping college instructors finish the week on a high note and recharge for the coming week.

Party 1950s Style

Earlier this year, our campus director, Allisha Lee, shared this terrific post from Some of the suggestions are predictable, while others may surprise you.  Can you guess which day of the week is most miserable?  (May not be what you think!) To see Eric Barker’s thoughts on “Make Your Weekend Awesome,” click here.

A couple of favorite quotes from the post:

“The secret to being luckier is to be open to more opportunities, to interact with a large network of people, to break routines, and keep a relaxed attitude toward life.”

“If you are dependent on your weekends to bring you happiness, you may want to look for another job. Studies show that people with good careers don’t experience as much of a boost on the weekends—because they don’t need to. Weekends make much less difference for people who work in open and trusting environments. They simply exchange one set of friends for another on weekends.”


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