Cat on a Wall

B picA neighbor cat occasionally lies stomach down, head up, along the low brick wall to the side of our driveway. It’s a large cat that silently follows me with its eyes as I walk past it going to the mailbox. I don’t know if it dislikes me or doesn’t care.

I don’t know what it thinks, and cats can exude intimidation. So the routine continues. Is the cat just being a cat, or have I done something to cause its eyes to look alert but detached?

Cat on a wall

Cat on a wall (Photo credit: orangeaurochs)

I want it to study me. Reflection suggests I should study it. Who will give in?

An empty tuna can, lid removed, would get things going. Milk is always a winner. But once that happens, the expectation might become routine.

A few students fit the cat profile. Fortunately, humans communicate more easily (but not always). To get these cats off the wall and warm up might take some tuna.

Taking a moment to breathe

Taking a moment to breathe (Photo credit: quinn.anya)

I thought about putting the can down close to the cats, but then I decided to leave the tuna in the house but rub it all over myself before walking outside.

I haven’t tried it yet. Is there any research out there on this?


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