Cool Tool of the Week:

Kudos to our campus director, Allisha Lee, for tipping me off to this cool site. opens with a banner declaring itself to be “the world’s marketplace for visual content” and invites us to “tell your story visually.” Allisha thought of us here at pleasureinlearning when she saw the big spinning brain at “Your Brain Map: Strategies for Accelerated Learning.”


  If you teach anatomy, neuroscience, or psychology…or if you’re just passionate about learning and want to know more about your own brain…this page will keep you busy for quite awhile. The controls are a little tricky at first (at least for this aging brain), but once I figured out how to access what was offered, I had a lot of fun clicking and spinning. Don’t miss the module about the neuron and the role of various transmitters…interesting stuff.  I’m looking forward to the free download that the site offers, too.

Sadly, the tool won’t play on your tablet or phone, so commandeer a full-sized machine.


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