Ending on an Up Note: Funny Stuff About Serious Stuff

This week in Anatomy & Physiology we discussed the factors that contribute to skin color. (We know you’re wondering: melanin, carotene, and hemoglobin.) We reflected on all the problems that have sprung from such basic elements of the human body.

Here at pleasureinlearning.com, we believe that humor is one of the most effective teaching tools. Humor can command our attention by surprising us.  The neurotransmitters released when something is funny encourage us to keep coming back for more.  And humor can help us open our minds and our eyes to our own foibles. Commedian Hari Konabolu coaxes us to consider some of our ideas about race in this clip from The David Letterman Show. When I first viewed this via The Upworthy, I especially enjoyed his take on the word “tolerance.”


Enjoy your weekend.


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