Tech Tuesday: Windows 8.1, Part 2

Each Tuesday, pleasureinlearning brings you Tech Tuesday.  Come back each week for more ways to become efficient and effective in your use of technology. 


This is the second part of a series on Windows 8.1.  You’ve got to make the transition sometime!

Last week I showed you how to change your desktop in Windows 8.1.  Hopefully, in doing so, you have recovered some of your inner peace.  This week my offering is even simpler: reconsider your opinion of Windows 8.1.

Pleasure in learning Windows 8.1 is a choice.  Will you choose to do the following?

  • Enjoy the new look and feel. (sensual pleasure)
  • Delight in discovering new features. (surprise)
  • Laugh when you can’t figure it out. (humor)
  • Have faith that you can learn this new system. (achievable challenge)
  • Know that you’re not alone. (belonging to a group)
  • Recognize the power of your Windows 8.1 ninja skills. (owning something of value)
  • Revel in every occasion where you can figure it out. (autonomy)

And now for a story of encouragement.

I have a friend who is the managing editor for a large military spouse blog. She once described her job to me as “poking readers with a big stick”.  Her reference was to the sensationalism and controversy she had to proffer in order to increase readership and commenting.  In the blogosphere, readership and commenting are directly proportional to the amount of money that advertisers spend on your site.  This is the unfortunate reality for my friend.

Technology bloggers have the same challenge.  They must produce content that gains them readership and comments.  Over the years, this has turned into a feeding frenzy over every new Microsoft product.  Whether the product is good or bad, the media industry has found that it can rally users with Microsoft hate speech.  It is my firm belief that this has happened yet again with Windows 8. In my opinion, Windows 8.1 is a fabulous innovation in merging the tablet and laptop industries, in driving the touch screen industry forward, in standardizing printer drivers and in many other areas.  (Disclaimer: Windows 8 was not perfect.  Neither is Windows 8.1.  A lot of the hate speech regarding Windows 8 did have an element of truth to it.  Many of the concerns about Windows 8 were addressed in Windows 8.1.)

Make your choice to rise above the frenzy and enjoy this new learning experience.


5 comments on “Tech Tuesday: Windows 8.1, Part 2

  1. To expand a little, as you know, I spent a lot of time researching opinions this spring about Windows 8 since it looked like we might need to replace our five year old Dell Optiplex. Opinions were mostly negative, but you strangely were positive. I thought, “Well, she’s a geek; what do you expect?” A Mac lover almost had me persuaded to go apple, and I’m not saying that wouldn’t be a great experience, but it seemed reasonable finally to let our home computer ride a while longer (no serious issues really) in order to give Windows 8 a chance once school resumed and we all found ourselves sitting down at wok to this color wheel of infinite charms. The first day, our new tech support, Chris, helped at the trail head to point out basic how to get to stuff helps. Donna Lamprecht later happened to be in our office (boomer box we call it with it being Anne, Karen and me all post WW2 babies). She filled in more gaps, especially with the cloud. I was thinking, “This all isn’t so bad.” Besides, all the color and arrangement is a piece of poetry and childhood combined. Then when in the Starfish training, my mouse was hanging up, someone said, “It’s also a touch screen.” I started using that, and touch is an amazing sensory experience with a computer screen. I liked it. Jason Lee has offered to show us a few shortcut buttons he can install for us. All of this is to say, “It ain’t that bad; it’s even been fun.” I couldn’t say that if I had to figure it all out myself. I do appreciate the autonomy you mention when I know I can’t do harm to the machine. Years ago, when we first got a computer, I tried to figure something about and got into something that made a mess. I called the local computer store, and the owner said, “You’ve been playing where you ought not to play.” I suppose that’s like an idiot lifting the hood of the car and moving wires around without knowing what is what. Yours is a great post and though not a technical writer or able to critique on that, I always think writing in any discipline is enriched by narrative. Everybody loves a story. B

  2. Janet says:

    Okay, I love the post and I believe you have some valid points. First, let me say that I am not a techie. I don’t even have a smartphone. (We’ll come back to this.) As long as it serves the purpose, cool. Otherwise, I don’t really care about the latest gadget or “toy”.

    Today, I was forced to used Windows because the IT folks re-imaged the computer I normally use when I am at our other location. I found it to be anything but intuitive, sensual, or pleasurable. It was awkward and clunky. It required that I swap to Firefox or Chrome to accomplish tasks that normally take me less that three minutes to complete. Some of the programs that I use during the normal course of my day don’t interface well with the new set up. For me, it just made things more difficult. Maybe brighter and cheerier looking, but definitely more difficult and cumbersome.

    With that said, I realize I’m a dinosaur. I don’t have a smartphone because I just use my phone as a phone. I don’t need bells and whistles or to be able to surf the web and talk on the phone at the same time. Likewise, I’m not an IT person. It doesn’t matter to me at all if something in the inner workings is better or improved. If it doesn’t translate into a functional improvement for me on the “keyboard side of things” then it really doesn’t get my attention. I can learn anything. I’m resourceful and intelligent. I just think that I will now need to invest extra time to learn to use something that replaced something that worked just fine for me. I believe I could probably find other ways to use that time. Hey, wait…. I have an idea….

    A time machine!! Now, there is a piece of tech that would get my attention because of it’s usefulness on the “keyboard side of things”. 🙂

  3. […] that you’ve decided to find pleasure in learning Windows 8.1, let’s get down to business. If you’re going to use this operating system, you’re […]

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