Tech Tuesday: Facebook is for Old People, Part 2

Each Tuesday, pleasureinlearning brings you Tech Tuesday.  Come back each week for more ways to become efficient and effective in your use of technology. 


In our review of teen and young adult apps, let’s continue with 2 more apps an a resource. As I’m getting into some less well known apps, be aware that popularity of apps seems to be regional. General knowledge of what is going on in cyberspace should help you to be more aware of some of the possible hazards.


  • Description: Owned by Twitter and heavily integrated with Twitter, this is a video sharing service. The videos are 5-6 second looping videos.  They are similar to animated gifs, but with audio.  The public feed of videos contains more sexual content than I would prefer, but there are also a lot of clean, funny videos.  Pornography is prohibited under the terms of service.  It seems to be fairly well monitored.
  • Appeals to: This is an interesting service and has started to gain some major attention in the areas of art, news and advertising. I see this appealing to the same crowds as Twitter and Instagram.
  • Warnings: Some sexual content is included and there is certainly a propensity to waste time with this app.  I was really unhappy with how many permissions the app required on my phone and how many permissions it wanted when I connected it to my Twitter account. Overall, proceed with caution, but there are many worse apps/sites.

  • Description: Social network where communications take the form of asking other people questions. They can respond with text, picture or video. Questions are generally along the lines of “pap of your stomach” (pap = post a picture) or “how would you explain color to a blind man?”. Many questions in the public feed are lewd.
  • Appeals to: People who have nothing better to do with their time. (No offense…)
  • Warnings: By default, anonymous people can ask you questions, which is a main avenue for bullying. This setting can be easily changed. The public feed of questions is pretty raunchy.  Nothing good here.  I’m going to go delete my account now.

I thought I was up to date on the latest Internet slang until I started doing the research for this series of posts.  Lol, no.  I definitely had to break out a few times. Here are a few abbreviations/slang that you should probably know about.  This is a very short list of constantly-changing, regional language.  I promise I’ve left out more dirty ones than I have listed, so you’ll have to look those up on your own.

  • bae – baby/before anyone else, sweetheart; term of endearment
  • “Bye, Felicia” – Felicia is used as a name for a person you don’t care about.
  • fleek – on point
  • fr – for real
  • fwiw – for what it’s worth
  • omg/omfg – Oh, my God!/Oh, my f___ god! (Using lowercase for the last reference to God because I’m pretty sure he’s not big on people using the f-word right next to his name.)
  • tbh – To be honest
  • tf – the f___ (short for wtf); alternatively, slang for ‘the greatest’
  • wtf – What the f___?

And with that, I’ll stop. Writing this post is getting less fun by the minute.  I thought belonging to a group would give me pleasure, but I’m not sure this group of slang-speaking, video-sharing, kids is the one I’m meant to belong in. Hopefully, though, a little cultural relevance goes a long way in your classroom.

Come back next week for one more installment and some big news!


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