Party Full of Pleasures

karenThis post is a belated thanks to the Hospitality Committee here at our college. These dear folks recently pulled off The Best Holiday Luncheon Ever. This is high praise from a no-thanks-on-the-parties girl. (One of my favorite contemporary Christmas songs is 1981’s “Christmas Wrapping” by The Waitresses. The opening lines are: “Bah, humbug, no that’s too strong. ‘Cause it is my favorite holiday…” My students hadn’t heard it but asked for a replay. The link includes the lyrics, since the pace is brisk.)

Do you suppose Derek and the Elves have been taking notes from our blog? They seem to have hit every last one of our pleasures:

  • Sensual pleasure: Catering from the Four Seasons, including the best carbs ever—potato casserole and corn pudding–yum. Music from Dan on the grand at the buffet line. More music from Greg in the dining area. Laughter.Beautiful decorations. Warm hugs from colleagues. Sensory overload.

    Anne and Brian sporting their impromptu tinsel

    Anne and Brian sporting their impromptu tinsel

  • Surprise: Too often the games portion at these affairs is just painful. Props to Derek and the Elves for creating two games that incorporated delightful surprises as well as….
  • Humor: The first game was a variation of the old To Tell the Truth TV show. Several colleagues had responded to the team’s request for a unique and little-known fact about themselves. The team collected and distributed the clues, and the attendees guessed which pal had done what. All the contributors gathered for a reading of the clues with a big reveal after each one. The second game offered an…
  • Achievable challenge as each table was asked to choose one member to “play.” The chosen member was then designated the team Christmas tree, to be decorated with random items that attendees had been asked to bring from home or office.
    Chris the IT Superguy is the champ

    Chris the IT Superguy is the champ

    Anne garnered second place. We might have grumbled, but the winner was our IT Superhero Chris.

  • Belonging to a group: It was fun to sit back and watch staff and faculty mingle, sharing hugs and back-slaps as friends who don’t see each other every day exchanged holiday greetings.
  • Autonomy: Bring your own stuff; fill your own plate; have two–or three–desserts; choose your own table; stay as long as you like. No bosses, no ranks, just friends.
  • Owning something of value: A place in the best community college crew around. Now THAT is something precious.

If Derek and the Elves can do it for a party, we can do it in our classes. Thanks again, Friends, for a great time.



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