“That’s How He Changed My Life.”

Bb-glowing-gift-openSigh…we’re approaching the end of our holiday break. With most of the annual frenzy behind us, it’s a good time to grab a cup of coffee or hot chocolate and finish off the last of the now-slightly-stale Christmas cookies. We usually restrict our video selections to those can be watched in two or three minutes during a busy work day, but today we’re making an exception. If you don’t find this one worth 12 minutes and change of your time, you’re assigned to remedial Christmas and need to do the entire season over again.

Today we say thanks for a gift from Dr. Jason Warren and the Advising Workgroup at our college. Just before the holiday break, this team put together a bang-up day of professional development, reminding us that helping students involves a lot more than just spewing information in our classrooms. Given the time that has passed since some of us started college, it’s easy to forget what it’s like to feel confused and intimidated by the academic milieu. We forget, too, how having one caring person in our corner can make a world of difference.

So grab your hankie and enjoy this clip. Pay special attention at 5:15 to Owen’s description of how he felt when he first went out in his wheelchair.

What if we welcomed each new advisee as the lady at the beginning of the clip greets Owen: “Can I first say what a proud honor it is to meet you?” A little over-the-top, but quite true for the soldiers, veterans, and dependants who make up the bulk of my clients.

I hope to always be mindful that, as the narrator points out, “A friend doesn’t judge.”


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