Ending on an Up Note: Who’s Been Naughty?

378642753_640I felt so, well, wistful reading yesterday’s heart-warming post from YeVette, recounting her family’s tradition of reviewing their favorite holiday children’s books. Couldn’t you almost taste the cocoa and cookies?

We celebrate a different tradition at our house, wherein the 30-something sons return to the nest and begin the annual “Raising of the Mother’s Hair.” Commencing after several sips of something-definitely-not-cocoa, my fellas quickly move into “Can you top this?” mode, sharing raucous stories of “Things Mom Never Found Out About.” As far as I know, these shenanigans never resulted in suspension or arrest—as far as I know; as far as I know.  So it could have been worse.

In the spirit of solidarity with other moms forced to relive adolescent mischief, I offer this link to The Stir:  “22 Kids Who Got Detention for Doing Things You Have to Admit are Hilarious.” (Warning: A few of these are decidedly PG-13, with language and sentiments not for tender ears.)


detention 1



Enjoy your holidays, and remember Santa’s watching.

We’ll see you in 2016.


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